Aluminum Radiator Triple-Pass 3-Core Extreme-Duty Kenny Brown
Aluminum Radiator Triple-Pass 3-Core Extreme-Duty Kenny Brown Comparison
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Aluminum Radiator Triple-Pass 3-Core Extreme-Duty

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The Kenny Brown heavy-duty Mustang Aluminum Radiator provides a 30-percent increase in cooling capacity to combat your Mustang’s hot running and overheating issues.  Perfect for street, track, and high horsepower Mustangs. Easy installation. Direct replacement, big improvement overstock. Bolt-in with stock fan and shroud without any modification. Quality built in the USA.

A Kenny Brown Exclusive: Direct-Fit, Triple-Pass, Triple-Core for Maximum Cooling Power

A hot-running or overheating car is not fun, especially when driving on track or with a supercharged car making buckets of power. Kenny's solution is his exclusive Direct-Fit, Triple-Pass Triple-Core Extreme-Duty Aluminum Radiator.

  • Exclusive Kenny Brown "Triple Pass" design sends the water across the radiator three times for triple the cooling dropping water temperatures by 15⁰ on street, up to 30⁰ on track.
  • Exclusive Direct-Fit factory replacement - Radiator drops right in with no fuss, no modifications, no hassle.
  • High-Efficient, High-Performance Tube, and Air Fin Design. A typical radiator uses 8mm tubes. The Kenny Brown Triple Pass Cross Flow design uses 5mm tubes which means:
    • 18% More Tubes
    • 18% More Surface Area Equals More Cooling Power!
  • Three Rows Thick vs. Factory One Row Thick
  • Made of Heavy-duty Aluminum

Keep your cool on the street and track with Kenny’s Exclusive Triple-Pass Extreme-Duty Aluminum Radiator.