Roll-Center Relocation Kit with Heavy-Duty Adjustable Panhard Bar

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Roll-Center Relocation Kit with Heavy-Duty Double-Adjustable Panhard Bar

Not Just a Basic Panhard Bar! A Heavy-Duty, Double-Adjustable Panhard Bar AND Complete Advanced Geometry Upgrade

  • Dramatically improves handling
  • Street-friendly – Track proven
  • Adjustable mounting brackets for lower ride height
  • Double-Adjustable Panhard Bar with competition-grade rod ends
  • MUST HAVE for open-track or performance street
  • Finished in durable powder coat
  • Includes upper panhard reinforcement brace

High rear roll center has long been a primary issue with the Mustang's handling and traction characteristics. The Roll Center Relocation Kit is designed to dramatically improve the handling, grip, and control of your Mustang without compromising ride.

This easy-to-install system lowers the rear roll center of the car and removes the "splay" associated with the factory mounting to bring the axle in-line with the chassis, while also completely changing the dynamics of the car.  The end result is a superior handling car that's ready to tackle the toughest of twisty roads and perfect for the open-track.

KB-151.304 Fits 2005-2014 Mustang, Boss 302, and GT500