Phillip’s Kenny Brown-Prepped 2012 Shelby GT500-RS Is King

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Phillip’s Kenny Brown-Prepped 2012 Shelby GT500-RS Is King

Phillip Myers Kenny Brown Prepped 2012 Shelby GT500-RS

This sinister 2012 Shelby GT500 prowls the streets of Houston, Texas, in the hands of  Phillip Myers. While this bold GT500 is a beauty to behold, it has plenty of bite to back up its bark as it was built specifically for Silver State and to be a contender in the King of the Street dyno competition.

Phillip teamed up with Kinetic Motorsport, also out of Houston, to build this Shelby GT500 into the powerhouse you see here. No one-trick pony here, this is a horse of a different color.

During the King of the Street competition, Phillip’s GT500 has been quoted as being the “best handling King of the Street car ever.

To give credit where credit’s due, that superb handling comes from Kenny Brown’s AGS 4.0 front suspension and Kenny Brown Spec JRZ coil-over shocks. Thanks to the incredible suspension and chassis improvements, this Shelby is a slice of American muscle that prefers to fine-dine on Italian and German cuisine.

“He basically wanted a car that will spank the other guys on the track,” said Kenny Brown.

Kenny Brown Prepped 2012 Shelby GT500 RSWell, say no more. Kenny has been building cars and developing suspension packages for over 40 years and three of those decades focusing on Mustangs. If anybody could unlock full potential with his seemingly infinite knowledge of suspension geometry, that would be none other than Kenny Brown.

To ensure that the handling capabilities match its power, Phillip’s’12 Shelby GT500 was shipped to Chicago, Illinois to the former KB Performance headquarters (now in Indianapolis) for an overhaul in the handling department. While in Kenny’s hands, Phillip’s GT500 was outfitted and given the full GT4-RS treatment and was also given a few additional goodies.

Kenny Brown Prepped GT4 RS engine

Stuffed inside the engine bay is an MMR-built 5.8-liter engine topped with a large KenneBell 3.6-liter supercharger and backed by a Shelby Competition 1000 intercooler.

A Tremec Magnum XL 6-speed transmission shifts power down to the rear wheels with the help of a McLeod clutch. All of that combined along with the installation of 3.31 gears make this Shelby ready to make like Secretariat and shoot for the Triple Crown. Baer 6-Piston Front and Rear Brakes stay ready to bring everything to a halt and on a dime.

The interior has been outfitted with Recaro racing seats along with a rocking audio system that will have four lanes of traffic listening to your favorite jam.

With 848-wheel-horsepower on tap, it was necessary for the handling capabilities of Phillip’s Shelby GT500 to match its power output. This was the perfect job for Kenny Brown’s AGS 4.0 rear suspension, the perfect upgrade to make any late-model Mustang handle like a dream on both the street and the track. 

The AGS 4.0 is the Fourth Generation of Kenny Brown’s renowned Advanced Geometry Suspension System whose original DNA goes all the way back to the all-conquering 1987 Saleen-R Mustang race cars Kenny built and engineered to Four National Championships in SCCA Pro-Endurance racing. 

Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Advanced Geometry Suspension SystemAGS 4.0 Advanced Geometry Suspension System Kenny Brown Performance

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